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Blog review 2023

Best posts on innovation, strategy, and growth.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Blog review 2023

Time flies when you write daily! It's already end of 2023. Looking back, this year I've written 168 blog posts, not counting guest pieces, interviews, and appearances (listed here).

Top three topics are innovation (363 articles), strategy (229 articles), and leadership (190 articles). Besides blogging, this year I've updated and refreshed many resources for corporate innovators:

Another newcomer is experimental The Puzzle Podcast with Isaak Tsalicoglou wherein we tackle a difficult business question for ten minutes. Raw, genuine, and unfiltered. We have published six episodes this year, and have planned several more for 2024.

Below are top five posts based on number of page views, featuring some familiar titles, followed by five personal favourites from this year.

Top 5 posts in 2023—based on number of views

A surprise surge to the second place!

#1 24 most common logical fallacies

24 most common logical fallacies
School of Thought did an amazing job describing some of the most common logical fallacies in plain English. Study them and improve your thinking.

Undisputed views champion since published. As always, I do hope that people use it to reflect on and improve their own decision making processes instead of "just" pointing how wrong others are.

#2 Best Norwegian snacks

Best Norwegian snacks
Enjoy responsibly!

Unbelievable. A semi-serious blog post has turned out to be my second most viewed one this year... Totenflak is still the best chips I ever had, though.

#3 Step-by-step guide for designing Lean Experiments

Step-by-step guide for designing Lean Experiments
Designing sound experiments is critical to creating valid and reusable knowledge. This guide will help you achieve that.

Business experimentation is a great way to reduce uncertainty and improve odds of success for any product, service, or business. In May this year I've revised the article and added Lean Experiment Canvas to it. I'm delighted to hear from accelerators, businesses, and universities who have adopted both with great success. Reach out if you are one of those and require additional materials

#4 Eight Principles of SMED

Eight Principles of SMED
Mr. Rogers explains six basic steps of Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) basics and its eight principles.

Endurance of this post continues to baffle me. Of course, I'm happy for readers to discover SMED, and I hope they dig deeper into other sources like Shigeo Shingo's books.

#5 24 most common cognitive biases

24 most common cognitive biases
School of Thought did an amazing job describing some of the most common cognitive biases in plain English. Study them and improve your decisions.

As with fallacies, I hope the readers are leveraging this post to avoid poor decisions as much as possible.

Top 5 posts in 2023—my personal favourites

Another fruitful year, hence it was difficult to pick only five!

#1 On strategic clarity

On strategic clarity
Shared understanding for shared success.

Creating and upholding strategic clarity is one of the most potent means for leaders to generate value for their organisation. I discuss five areas to focus on: definitions, expectations, destination, directions, and accountability.

#2 The overlooked champion

The overlooked champion
A match made in heaven.

CFOs and financial directors are some of the most overlooked innovation champions!

#3 Positioning for reinvention

Positioning for reinvention
Three tips for organisations looking to reinvent themselves.

It's less painful to continuously reinvent oneself than to end up in a do-or-die situation. I offer four practices for the former.

#4 How to include the customer in the innovation process

How to include the customer in the innovation process
Understand, understand, understand!

There is still a lot of misunderstanding regarding how exactly should the customer be involved in the innovation process. Asking them what they want is definitely not the way to do it. In this article I outline what kind of customers' data should you look for.

#5 Cookbook fallacy

Cookbook fallacy
Recipes are for the kitchen.

A warning regarding various available frameworks.

What will I write about in 2024?

In addition to continuing with regular blogging, Bruno Unfiltered™ and The Innovator's Attitude™ newsletters, and regular commentary on LinkedIn, I have planned a dozen or so long-form articles for various professional outlets.

Subscribe to stay informed. Don't hesitate to write to me with any questions, feedback, or comments.


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