A collection of free resources by Bruno Pešec.

9 Big Don'ts of Corporate Innovation

An ebook with actionable advice on how to waste less money on innovation.

9 Big Don’ts of Corporate Innovation
How to spot and avoid costly innovation mistakes.

Lean Experimentation Guide

A step-by-step guide for designing, conducting, and learning from Lean experiments.

Step-by-step guide for designing Lean Experiments
Designing sound experiments is critical to creating valid and reusable knowledge. This guide will help you achieve that.

Bruno's Archive

Over the years I've published tens of thousand of words on my blog. It's helpful to have an entry point into topics I've exhaustively written about.

Bruno’s Archive
Over the years I’ve published tens of thousand of words on my blog. This is a selection of what I believe to be most valuable writing.

Webinar recordings

A collection of my webinars on innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Webinar - Bruno Pešec
Webinars on innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship by Bruno Pešec.

Bruno Unfiltered

A weekly newsletter with fresh and provocative insight on innovation and strategy. No one and nothing is spared. Not for those of faint heart.

Newsletter - Bruno Pešec
Bruno Unfiltered is a weekly newsletter bringing you Bruno’s latest thoughts on contemporary topics in his signature style. No one and nothing is spared.

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