How many customers* have you spoken with in the last seven days?

If it's zero, then no amount of big data can save you from your—willing—ignorance.

*"I don't have customers" is no excuse. You surely provide some value to someone—user, benefactor, whatever. Go with that.

Upcoming growth opportunities with Bruno

March 31 & April 1: Remote Playing Lean Facilitator Training

Learn how to use Playing Lean—an award winning board game—to deliver amazing Lean Startup workshops and become a certified Playing Lean Facilitator. The training is split over two evenings, and you can purchase the ticket here.

April 6: Innovation manager's secrets to success

How come that some managers immensely struggle to get buy-in and executive support for their innovation projects, while others find it a breeze? Join Kristian Norheim Lindøe, responsible for innovation ecosystem at DNV, and myself as we discuss previous question—and more. Signup here.

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