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You are incompetent

Spoiler: that's not an insult. (Except when it is.)

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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You are incompetent

And so am I. Everybody is incompetent at something. Given how many activities, skills, and hobbies are there out there, it is more likely that we are incompetent at more things than we are competent in. Remain mindful of this, and you will be less susceptible to your own hubris.

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November 26th: Fearless Innovation

Fearless Innovation Workshop

We rarely fail due to others. In fact, most innovations fail due to shortcomings in our own processes, beliefs, and actions. Competition simply picks up the advantage.

Good news is that overcoming these shortcomings means taking a significant step towards owning your success. And that is why I’m organising this unique workshop. Limited seats available.

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