I've stumbled on a post by John Shook in which he draws our attention to a recent video produced by Toyota:

 Old-School Lean— Down & Dirty TPS Leads to 100X Increase in PPE Output

A group of Japanese businesses have volunteered to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) due to increased demand from COVID-19 pandemic. One of them has put an ad in local newspapers, looking for help in increasing their production capacity. Several engineers and managers from local Toyota branch come and help them, resulting in a hundred-fold increase.

It's an amazing video, showing a lot of different concepts—from how to standardise and troubleshoot, to using creativity to create inexpensive and quick solutions which add tremendous productivity gains, to behaviours and interactions between all involved people—and isn't boring, much due to the performance of the "reporter."

There are a lot of details crammed in 29 minutes, and I suggest watching it with a notebook by your side:

At any given moment there are at least hundred things you can improve, but no one except you can do it. Draw inspiration and own your success.