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The strategy gap

What's hiding in the cracks?

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
2 min read
The strategy gap

Are you aware of your strategy gap?

It can be broken down into three gaps:

  • Value gap, the difference between the value proposition—a bundle of products, services, promises, and experiences—you are offering and the value proposition your customer is expecting to receive.
  • Conversion gap, the difference between your existing customers and others in the same market that you haven't yet attracted and converted.
  • Capability gap, the difference between your capabilities to create and deliver value propositions your customers desire.

These three gaps provide us with inexhaustible opportunities for growth.

I'll be covering each gap in greater detail at the upcoming webinar.

Upcoming growth opportunities with Bruno:

September 22nd: Corporate innovation webinar series by Bruno Pešec: How to uncover growth opportunities hidden in plain sight.
September 22nd: How to uncover growth opportunities hidden in plain sight.

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