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What percentage of your company should be actively engaged in innovation?

Everybody should have the right to innovate, but not everybody should be measured on innovation performance.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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What percentage of your company should be actively engaged in innovation?

Following the webinar I did with Cris Beswick, Andrew Sandford asked:

My question is that if you were asked by these leaders of global brands what % of our organization or teams do we need actively engaged in innovation? Bruno Pešec what about you and Katie Anderson do you have an opinion what do Toyota aim for(i think I know the answer)? 25% engagement is a stat bounced about for a successful change. I am intrigued. What does anyone else think.

Here is my brief reply, expanded with further reading for each point:

  • Continuous improvement mindset and practices enable and enhance innovation. Latter can exists without the former, but that is rather sad existence.
A slice at a time
Breakthrough innovation happens more often within a culture that fosters everyday innovation.
  • Everybody should have the right to innovate (e.g. propose and submit ideas), but not everybody should be measured on innovation performance. Creativity does not discriminate.
Create the future
The old adage offence is best defence might be true to some extent, but is too black and white for my taste.
  • I'm a pragmatist, not dogmatist. Picking a set % for structural change seems more dogmatic/cargo-cultish than pragmatic. Each organisation is unique, each market is different.
On weaving traces into models.
  • When organisation has a clear strategy, with a joint understanding of how innovation fits in, then they can play with different structures to find which one works best for them. In that period of time.
Are we on the same page?
Strategy can be a powerful filter, but won’t be of much help if it is poorly thought through, unintelligible, and inaccessible to the intended users.
  • Back to continuous improvement, as that one seems to be much simpler dilemma: everybody, everywhere, everyday.
Better banking—everyday in everyway
Banks that are excelling at continuous improvement also have much higher chance of succeeding with innovation.

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