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How to run effective corporate venture boards

The most important function for maximising your returns on innovation investments.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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How to run effective corporate venture boards

Corporate innovation is a numbers game, but quality still matters.

Any selected innovation project must be aligned with organisation's strategy and ambition.

To reduce the risk of uncertainty, inherent in innovation investments, funding must be released in tranches.

Whose job is to make those decisions?

Innovators innovate, managers manage, and executives fund.

Corporate venture board is a group of leaders who are in charge of executing the organisation's innovation strategy.

They usually do that by overseeing the organisation's innovation portfolio and funnel. They are also involved with the strategy formulation.

They usually aren't limited to specific types of innovation vehicles, i.e. accelerators, partnership, corporate venture capital, and so on.

Watch the How to run effective corporate venture boards live stream to learn:

  • Who should be on the corporate venture boards.
  • The key task of corporate venture boards.
  • 11 mistakes all corporate venture boards must avoid.
  • Questions executives should consider when evaluating innovation teams.

You can find recording, additional materials, timestamps, and license information below.

Webinar recording

Supplemental materials mentioned during the live stream

Webinar timestamps

Time Topic
00:59 Why establish corporate venture boards?
03:39 Who should be on the corporate venture boards
07:52 The KEY task of corporate venture boards
10:32 11 mistakes all corporate venture boards must avoid
34:53 Questions to consider when evaluating innovation teams
41:54 A sip of water
42:05 Key practices of effective corporate venture boards highlighted


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