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Are you bold enough?

Three insights to help you overcome fear of innovation.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
2 min read
Are you bold enough?

Consider following:

  1. In dynamic environments—e.g. COVID-19 pandemic—companies that are able to meet changing customer demands can increase their market share and strengthen their competitive advantage.
  2. In high-earning companies, improvement and incremental innovation account for 26% of business outcomes (sales growth, market share, profit levels and return on investment) and 35% of product (customer satisfaction with the products, and the perceived quality of the products) outcomes.
  3. Organisation's internal business politics and processes are one of the main causes of losing market share. Competitors simply benefit from that.

In other words, now is a good time to invest in innovation.

You shouldn't fear competition, but your inability to meet the customer demand.

I'll be addressing above points in greater detail at the upcoming webinar.

Upcoming growth opportunities with Bruno:

September 22nd: Corporate innovation webinar series by Bruno Pešec: How to uncover growth opportunities hidden in plain sight.
September 22nd: How to uncover growth opportunities hidden in plain sight.

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