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Learn to learn.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
2 min read

Any business that wishes to thrive must learn how to learn about themselves, their environment, and their customers.

Relentlessly focus on:

  • documenting practical knowledge, and making it easily available to employees; and
  • creating peer-to-peer learning groups and fostering an atmosphere where questioning openly is rewarded.

If you want to instil a learning culture in your organisation, then you ought to cherish curiosity, something we are all born with, but conditioned to suppress.

Upcoming growth opportunities with Bruno:

September 22nd: How to uncover growth opportunities hidden in plain sight

Uncertain times provide an unique opportunity for those courageous enough to take it. Counter-intuitively, investing into existing and new products during times of crises actually strengthens your competitive advantage. That is, if you are able to meet the changing customer demand.

In 60 minutes we will:

  • dive into what differentiates high-earning firms from the rest,
  • consider an unsurprising, yet seldomly talked about, cause of losing market share, and
  • practice uncovering growth possibilities by looking at the three critical gaps.

By the end of the webinar you will have an analytical framework you can immediately apply in your organisation to identify growth opportunities.

Register at

Corporate innovation webinar series by Bruno Pešec: How to uncover growth opportunities hidden in plain sight.
September 22nd: How to uncover growth opportunities hidden in plain sight.

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