Taking fear out of innovation

Empirical evidence is clear—investing in innovation is worth it, as long as you can do it rapidly and base it on customer data (needs, wants, outcomes).

In difficult times innovation should be embraced, not avoided. Disney, Microsoft, Apple, AirBnB, and Square are examples of companies that came out of crises stronger.

We rarely fail due to others. In fact, most innovations fail due to shortcomings in our own processes, beliefs, and actions. Competition simply picks up the advantage.

Consider following examples:

  • Blockbuster went bust because of themselves, Netflix simply benefited.
  • Taxi companies lost market share because of themselves, Uber simply benefited.
  • Dell tripped over itself, Asus simply benefited.

Good news is that overcoming these shortcomings means taking a significant step towards owning your success.

And that is why I’m organising a workshop on how to innovate without fear:

Fearless Innovation
Fearless Innovation workshop with Bruno Pešec.

Head over to https://www.pesec.no/workshop-fearless-innovation/ to learn more about the workshop and how can you participate.