Lean Startup

A 10-post collection

Lean Startup Fundamentals

How did Lean Startup come to be, and what are its basic precepts? Understanding them is a prerequisite for true mastery. »

Faster horses fallacy

Innovator’s job is understanding customer’s needs as well as their current processes so they can innovate and create delightful products and services. »

Lean Startup Summit Europe 2018

I had tremendous fun facilitating a number of unconference sessions and roundtable discussions at the Lean Startup Summit Europe. »

Identifying existing alternatives

After you have identified, listed, and described your customer's top 3 problems your next step is to assess how they are solving those problems today. »

The Jobs To Be Done Framework

Figuring out what problems you are solving can be hard. It may help to think about what “job” you are “hiring” a product to do instead. »

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