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Improving the impact of remote Playing Lean workshops through action inquiry and critical reflexivity

A detailed view of one complete action research cycle with simultaneous first-person research and second-person co-inquiry.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Academic paper printed and placed on top of Playing Lean board game

"How can I deliver the best possible remote experience, without sacrificing learning outcomes?"

My attempt at answering the above question through action inquiry and critical reflexivity has been published in the International Journal of Lean Six Sigma.

Speaking in plain language, I have adopted a specific approach to making, documenting, and interpreting observations in order to improve how much people learn after attending a remote Playing Lean workshop.

I documented the whole process in the paper, so you can replicate it should you wish to do so. To facilitate that, the paper is published as Gold Open Access, meaning that you can freely access, disseminate, and use it.

Abstract, acknowledgements, and publication link included below.


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to share how the learning impact of a remote workshop was improved through action research practices, especially action inquiry and critical reflexivity.
Design/methodology/approach: Research design detailed herein consists of one complete cycle of action and reflection. Methods used include: journaling into four territories of experience, free-form journaling, individual and joint reflection using four parts of speech and extended ways of knowing.
Findings: Action inquiry and critical reflexivity have shown themselves to be potent means of improving the learning outcomes of remote Playing Lean workshops. Drawing on early insight, the author suggests several venues for further inquiry.
Originality/value: This paper contributes a novel combination of action research practices that can be used for improving other learning initiatives as well, and an example of how to question the veracity of qualitative findings.


  • Thank you Dora Jelčić for joining me as a co-researcher.
  • Thank you Daryl Powell for the invitation to contribute to this special edition of the International Journal of Lean Six Sigma.

Publication link:

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