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Learn fast(er)

Do you dare to learn?

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
3 min read
Learn fast(er)

What's your speed of learning?

Learning for the sake of learning is great for personal growth.

Speed doesn't matter, as it is for personal pleasure.

What I want to discuss now is learning in the business context.

In that context, learning is driven by desire to make better decisions.

There, speed is crucial.

Experimentation can be used to systematically probe and learn.

Even more importantly, by designing and conducting good experiments, we can trust our data and insight.

That way we create double value:

  • by making a better decision now, and
  • by improving all future decisions, since everybody in the organisation has access to trustworthy data and insights.

Although heavily inspired by scientific method and positivist research, experimentation in a business context has wider (and more relaxed) meaning than tweaking independent variables and measuring the response.

Here, experimentation refers to figuring things out in a structured and systematic way, with a purpose of learning something new to make a better decision.

Experimentation is difficult, requires rigour, intellectual discipline, and inquisitive mind.

It can be learned,  and it can be taught.

It is not exclusive to doctoral students.

I've sat down and written a step-by-step guide for designing experiments in the business context:

It uses as much plain English as possible.

Let me know how it serves you.

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Designing sound experiments is critical to creating valid and reusable knowledge. This guide will help you achieve that.
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