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How many?

Not too many, hopefully.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
2 min read
How many?

How many newsletters, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, or tweets do you need to read before you take action? Your ideas are worthless unless you implement them.

Upcoming growth opportunities with Bruno

December 1: Bridging the Gap: Entrepreneurial Theory & Practice In Software Business

The aim of this 90-minute workshop is to bring closer the issues faced by practitioners—entrepreneurs and startups—in the software business space and researchers who are interested in helping them. Admission is free, but there are limited seats. Register here.

December 8: Remote Playing Lean Workshop

Learn Lean Startup by playing a game! Doesn't matter if you win or lose, as you'll have fun either way. Last Playing Lean Workshop for this year. Buy ticket here.

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Bruno Pešec

I turn corporate innovation into a viable investment.

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