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Stupid decisions

Isn't life too short for dumb decisions?

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Stupid decisions

Isn't life too short for dumb decisions?

Stupid and smart decisions do not equal wrong and right decisions.

Sometimes stupid decisions lead to good outcomes.

Sometimes smart decisions lead to bad outcomes.

Stupid decision is based on ignorance, coming to a conclusion which is not supported or substantiated by any sound logic, evidence, or reasoning.

It is more akin to knee-jerk reaction, devoid of any consideration or thought.

Our brain, our beautiful and fallible brain, is the driver of both stupid and smart decisions.

Fortunately, we can improve our thinking, and by improving it, we can also improve the results and outcomes we enjoy in life.

All it takes you is to get acquainted with some of the most common logical fallacies (bad reasoning) and cognitive biases (distorted worldview).

Once you open your eyes to them you are more likely to correct yourself.

Here is a recording that can help you:

Avoid stupid decisions: most common cognitive biases and logical fallacies
How can you improve your decision making skills? Webinar recording on exactly that topic.

Life is too short for dumb decisions.

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