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Plug Game by Lean Games

The Plug Game is a manufacturing simulation based on assembling 3 pin plugs, for teach cellular layout, push/pull, one piece flow, kanban, and work balance.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Plug Game by Lean Games

Understand Lean principles better through games and simulations.

The Plug Game is a manufacturing simulation based on assembling 3 pin plugs, and it can be used to demonstrate the following concepts:

  • Layout
  • Push/pull
  • One piece flow
  • Kanban
  • Work balance
  • Benefits of training

You can read more about Lean Games and their products here.

Want to know more?

Some benefits of using games for teaching, as discussed by Ramos, Lopes, and Avila (2013), are:

  • introducing difficult concepts;
  • developing problem-solving and decision-making skills;
  • promoting an active participation of the student;
  • increased interest among students;
  • developing each student’s talents, which welcomes students at different learning levels; and
  • helping the teacher identify each student’s difficulties.

Badurdeen, Marksberry, and Gregory (2010) provide more insight into science behind teaching with games and simulations, and discuss the importance of the facilitator in Lean games.


Badurdeen, F., Marksberry, P., Hall, A. and Gregory, B., 2010. Teaching Lean Manufacturing With Simulations and Games: A Survey and Future Directions. Simulation & Gaming, 41(4), pp.465-486.

Galrao Ramos, A., Pereira Lopes, M. and Silva Avila, P., 2013. Development of a platform for lean manufacturing simulation games. Tecnologias del Aprendizaje, IEEE Revista Iberoamericana de, 8(4), pp.184-190.

This post was originally written for The Lean Presentation.


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