As digital tools developed we started to record and store incomprehensible amounts of data (16,3 ZB in 2017). It is easy to get carried away and jump straight into creating nice-looking visual dashboards, which are updated in real time and serve as a great wallpaper. Unfortunately, the truth is that in most cases that is all they are – a nice looking wallpaper.

The antidote to this is relatively simple - measure what matters to you. That means understanding both your business and your customers deep enough to identify metrics that matter the most. Selecting a proper metric is much easier if you have a good grasp of different types of metrics, as well as what makes a great metric.

And that was exactly the topic of workshop I held at the 30th Shingo Conference. Given that the workshop was quite packed and had a waiting list, I dare to assume that there is still some passion for designing good metrics.

In this intense four hour workshop we covered:

  • an anatomy of great metric,
  • different types of metrics,
  • customer oriented metrics,
  • process for designing metrics that matter, and
  • logical fallacies and cognitive biases that lead to poor decisions.

Here is what participants said:

We measure a lot of things but how do we know we are measuring the right things? This session taught us to start with the customer, use the scientific method and iterative development to improve our metrics to change behavior. Watch out for bias too!
The workshop was really good and delivered by someone who is passionate about his work.
Training on utilizing the tools we already use to identify good metrics.
The best metrics are comparative, are a rate or ratio, are understandable, and change behavior. I am leading a group to establish strategic metrics for my division... We will use these factors as a test of our metrics.
This workshop will help me to prioritize the KPIs that we're currently using in our organization.

Organisation was superb, and I wish that every organiser is a amazing as Mary.

Presentation is available here.

You are free to reuse the slides, as long as you give proper attribution.

Workshop photo
Workshop photo
Workshop flyer

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