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Like a wrecking ball

Spend ideas, not money.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Bring your idea to life with pen and paper; or whatever else you can find around yourself.

Draw it! Use items lying on your desk to represent various elements of your idea.

Take a moment to inspect your creation. Does anything stand out? What is missing? Anything that shouldn't be here? Ask it questions.

And then smash it to pieces. Rip the paper apart; throw the blocks around!

Now the learning process can start anew.

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November 28: Innovation Management Masterclass London

Succeeding with innovation requires a more dynamic and pragmatic approach than ever. Join me to learn how.

Innovation Management Masterclass London 2022
Corporate innovation shouldn’t be a money sink—it should create the organisation’s future!

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Bruno Pešec

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