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Understand failure

Please don't fall for the survivor bias.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Understand failure

Why are some companies able to innovate with few resources while others can't birth new valuable ideas despite all their resources, people, and smarts?

How come that replicating practices of innovation titans rarely produces outstanding results?

While success stories might seem more attractive, it is in studying failure we can find incredible value.

First, there will always be more failed than successful ideas, projects, ventures, and businesses.

Second, by understanding what do failures have in common we can come up with a solid, generalised list of mistakes to avoid at all cost.

Third, we can proactively and preemptively work on avoiding those same mistake that brought ruin to others.

You might find the following innovation mistakes and misconceptions worth studying:

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How to spot and avoid costly innovation mistakes.
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Seeing differently, acting differently.
Avoid stupid decisions: most common cognitive biases and logical fallacies
How can you improve your decision making skills? Webinar recording on exactly that topic.

Bruno Pešec

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