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Own your success

Take action.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Own your success

Number one reason new products and ventures fail is due to building something nobody wants. In other words, you are the source of failure, not the competition. Own your success.

Upcoming growth opportunities with Bruno:

August 12th: Does culture really eat strategy for breakfast? And other musings with Cris Beswick and Bruno Pešec.

August 18th: Corporate innovation webinar series by Bruno Pešec: How to design a powerful innovation portfolio.

Three latest posts:

The price of gluttony
Overcommitting is an insidious waste that opens the floodgates to other wasteful activities.
Are we on the same page?
Strategy can be a powerful filter, but won’t be of much help if it is poorly thought through, unintelligible, and inaccessible to the intended users.
Don’t waste time
Use filters.

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Bruno Pešec

I turn corporate innovation into a viable investment.

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