I strongly believe that respect for humanity is a worthy aspiration.

Here is how I see it manifested in the world of corporate innovation:

  • Respecting oneself. Be humble and strive to learn new things, but do not degrade, diminish, or discount your own experience, wisdom, and intellect. Your ideas are worthy of consideration. You don't need anyone's permission to express your creativity, dreams, and aspirations. Take care of yourself.
  • Respecting others. Show the same respect to others, as you show to yourself. Hear out their ideas with an open mind. Try to understand them from their own viewpoint. Offer candid feedback, but don't berate. Appreciate that everybody has their own pace, rituals, and worldviews. Different doesn't always mean wrong.

Although I sometimes fail in being respectful, I do try to notice such occurrences and then take appropriate action. It's not a perfect process, but I sleep quite well.