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Mind-gut balance

A hallmark of holistic leader.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Great leaders understand the world isn't a binary place. Divides like "analytical" versus "intuitive" are entirely artificial. Too much, or too little of any of the preceding two can lead to poor outcomes. Embrace both, balance them, and use to your advantage.

Upcoming growth opportunities with Bruno

April 27: Succeeding with Innovation

In this webinar, Bruno Pešec will share a number of practices to help you succeed with innovation, and address burning questions such as why do companies fail at innovation? Register here.

May 2 – June 10: Innov8rs Unconference 2022

6 weeks with 60+ sessions on innovation. I'll be joining as a topical curator for Innovation Strategy & Governance and as a regional curator for Norway. For more info, and to apply, go here. Drop me a note for 30% discount on corporate pass.

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Bruno Pešec

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