One of the reports from the thesis.
One of the reports from the thesis

Master’s thesis, supervised by Vedran Mudronja.

This thesis explored manufacturing quality of axle assemblies for railway vehicles procured by the Đuro Đaković Special Vehicles. Extensive process capability analysis has been performed, enabling identification of improvement opportunities.


Land transport of passengers and material goods via railway vehicles is highly effective and efficient. Since railways pass through populated as well as unpopulated areas, it is of utmost importance that manufactured railway vehicles are of satisfactory quality. Strict quality specification of railway vehicles are set primarily for protection of human lives and accident prevention. Secondary reason are material savings on maintenance, fuel and other expenses that result from vehicle exploitation. Railway vehicles can be divided into locomotives and wagons, while wagons can be divided into passenger cars and freight wagons. This master thesis deals with freight wagons. Since aforementioned wagons are complex systems, specific element of the system is examined – wheelsets, especially freight wagon axles. Theory presented in master thesis is as follows: (i) quality definition; (ii) basics of quality management, including systems and frameworks; (iii) concise overview of railway vehicles; (iv) quality specifications of railway vehicles, especially of freight wagon; and (v) freight wagon axles. Case study, a practical part of master thesis, presents process capability analysis of manufactured freight wagon axles.

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