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Lean Startup at Miles Camp

Deep dive into advanced Lean Startup topics.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
1 min read
Lean Startup at Miles Camp

Miles, a Norwegian value-driven IT company, has invited me to hold a session on advanced application of Lean Startup at their annual training camp.

It was an intense two hour session. We covered:

  • how Lean Startup developed over the last ten years,
  • how do constructs of falsifiability and validity relate to assumptions and hypotheses,
  • deconstructing the build, measure, learn loop,
  • three tools for managing experiments,
  • value and risk as lenses for designing experiments,
  • vital importance of creating and capturing (re)usable knowledge, and
  • contemporary approaches for innovation management.

Here is what participants said:

There's a lot of different models and methods beyond Build Measure Learn, and maybe we should look into them for our next upcoming task!
We got a good overview of the background and history of Lean startup, and a lot of reading tips. Then we investigated the foundation by going through some of the basic principles. Overall useful for both experienced and beginners
The single most important lesson is that all onboard a LEAN STARTUP project need to be onboard, developers, project owners and so on. The other thing is the theory to be able to measure the degree of success.

Presentation is available here.

You are free to reuse the slides, as long as you give proper attribution.

Bruno Pesec presenting at Miles Camp

Do you want to experience energising and highly practical workshop?  Contact me.

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