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Three signs that your innovative idea is weak

Three bad answers and what to do about them.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Three signs that your innovative idea is weak

"Who is your idea for?"

"Frankly, for everybody!"

"And what is it really about?"

"We will leverage this brand new, cool looking technology to completely dominate the market!"

"And could you tell me more about what is the benefit? How are customers better off after getting your product?"

"Why, isn't that self-evident!"

I wish the above exchange was parody.

The issue with above questions is that they are too broad and lack focus. Innovative ideas in corporate setting demand narrowness and clarity.

For example, answering "who is it for" with a specific customer segment trying to get specific job done. Don't worry about going too "narrow" on the first try—it is always easier to add than to remove.

Answering what is it really about is always better focused on specific activities related to creating value than generic technologies. After all, various technical solutions come and go.

And finally, the benefit always needs to be spelled out, no matter how "self-evident" it might seem. It should be both qualitative and quantitative, and should cover both the customers' and innovators' side.

Improve the answers to improve your odds of success!


Bruno Pešec

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