The innovator must be able to hold two seemingly contradictory beliefs:

  • That they should persevere, even if there is evidence to the contrary.
  • That they shouldn't persevere if there is no evidence for continuing.

Every idea comes from somewhere. In most cases it's based on our experience, observations, and imagination.

If it is truly an innovative idea—novel and valuable—then it's impossible that we have sufficient evidence to pour our life savings into it.

At the same time, if it comes from our lived experience, then that itself should be good enough to give this idea a chance.

Perhaps few weeks, or few months—just enough to see if it is worth doing.

The only evidence that matters is feedback from those who benefit from the idea. All others are welcome, but can usually be ignored.

If your idea is to make a singing saw for handymen, then it's only their feedback that counts. Who cares what the lawyer thinks?