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Mistakes worth avoiding

On innovation, business, and an ebook I've recently published, with Patrick Daly on his Interlinks podcast.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
1 min read
Mistakes worth avoiding

I return to Patrick Daly's Dublin South 93.9 FM Interlinks programme to discuss innovation, business, and an ebook I've recently published. Talking points were:

  • what motivated me to write this book,
  • why is innovation important in business and what's wrong with the "If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?" mindset,
  • different types of innovation,
  • can the creative process be systematised without losing the creativity,
  • 2 most salient mistakes that companies make when embarking on the path of innovation,
  • why do so many struggle with the transition from the idea on paper to manifestation in the real world,
  • how can we create an environment to promote the small incremental innovations at all levels as well as the blockbusters, and
  • how did COVID-19 influence the way organisations work and innovate.

Hit play to listen the episode:

Alternatively, you can also listen it here or download it.

To download your copy of the 9 Big Don'ts of Corporate Innovation ebook, head to:

9 Big Don’ts of Corporate Innovation
How to spot and avoid costly innovation mistakes.

Bruno Pešec

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