Uncertain times provide an unique opportunity for those courageous enough to take it. Counter-intuitively, investing into existing and new products during times of crises actually strengthens your competitive advantage. That is, if you are able to meet the changing customer demand.

Watch the webinar recording below to:

  • dive into what differentiates high-earning firms from the rest,
  • consider an unsurprising, yet seldomly talked about, cause of losing market share, and
  • practice uncovering growth possibilities by looking at the three critical gaps.

After you finish watching, feel free reach out with any questions you might have.

You can find recording, timestamps, and license information below.

Webinar recording

Webinar timestamps

Time Topic
00:47 Uncovering hidden opportunities
00:54 Fear of innovation
03:22 Number one reason companies lose market share
05:50 Possibilities and opportunities
06:39 Practical strategy
09:16 The Strategy Gap
13:00 Elements of the Strategy Gap
19:23 Three critical gaps
33:53 Lack of choice and the Strategic Funnel


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