In the last two decades, we’ve come to appreciate that strategy is in essence a guess.

That guess may be highly uneducated (at worst) or highly informed (at best), but it remains a guess.

Confusing the plan for a guarantee of reality to come can be catastrophic.

Assumptions need to be questioned, explored, and updated.

Dynamic Strategy - Strategic Feedback Loops - © Bruno Pesec, 2020
Strategic Feedback Loops (© Bruno Pešec, 2020)

Think of it this way:

  • Your strategy represents your best guess at achieving your goals.
  • It is proven or disproven by how the world reacts to it.
  • Your final outcome depends on your ability to understand and act upon feedback you are receiving from your environment, i.e. customers, competitors, and other stakeholders.

And that's the essence of a dynamic strategy.