When did "profitability" and "standardisation" become dirty words in the world of corporate innovation?

Innovation is about value creation—and this value must be bidirectional, meaning that both the innovator and the recipient benefit from it.

Standardisation is the bedrock of improvement. We make the standard to break it. That's progress. Don't tell me innovation can't be standardised.

Do you really need to write down your idea differently every time? Or develop it? Or fund it? Or [insert your action that absolutely cannot be standardised]?

For those processes that truly cannot be standardised—usually everything around them can be. For example, while each brain surgery might be different, preparing the patient and the operating hall isn't.

And don't get me started on viewing creative and analytical thinking as opposites... These two go hand-in-hand, and are a prefect couple.

What other dirty words do you have for me?