Is all growth good? Should all options be pursued?

How to identify viable growth opportunities in your organisation?

And once you do, what to do with them?

I firmly believe that only strategic growth is worth pursuing.

And by "strategic" growth I mean business growth that is:

  • meaningful,
  • aligned,
  • focused, and
  • profitable.

Even seasoned veterans tend to forget that innovation—introducing new products, services, and business models—and branding—narrative that follows them—are the two most potent levers for strategic growth.

Based on our experience helping executives grow their businesses, Matthew Fenton and I have developed two tools to help you identify growth possibilities and strategic choices to exploit them:

  1. The Strategy Gap, a nearly infinite source of growth ideas.
  2. The Four Growth Arenas, a two-by-two matrix to help you decide on how to exploit the opportunity at hand.

In this webinar I introduce both tools, and how to use them in order to identify options for strategic growth in your own organisations.

You can find recording, presentation, timestamps, and license information below.