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Better remote work

How can you improve your remote work practices?

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Better remote work

How can you improve your remote work practices?

I like to keep it as simple as possible.

Since distractions are plentiful, working from home requires more self-discipline.


Each week I work for 48 hours, divided into twelve four-hour blocks.

If I feel distracted or unfocused I use the Pomodoro technique to split the work into smaller packages and take more breaks.

Most of the time I feel inspired and eager, so I just set the alarm to ring after four hours.

Otherwise I risk working until bed time.


Hardware wise, reliable internet connection is the most important for good experience.

Using appropriate video and audio equipment are hallmarks of a professional.

My equipment of choice are Sennheiser PC 8 headset and Logitech C922 HD webcam.

Neither breaks the bank while delivering high quality.


When it comes to software solutions, I try to use as few as possible.

Especially ones that require subscription.

Recurring revenue is great for business model innovation, but I do not like it as a user.

For managing and delivering work remotely I use:

  • Interlink Mail & News (fork of Mozilla Thunderbird) for calendar planning and recurring tasks.
  • Basecamp (free personal account) for project management, documentation, daily and weekly reflections.
  • Zoom (both free and Pro account) for remote coaching and workshops.
  • Google Jamboard (free web app) for whiteboard sessions.
  • Whatever client uses – e.g. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello, Jira...

Experiential advice

My friends Simen, Holger, and Matthew wrote great pieces on how to coach remotely, use Zoom securely, and work from home productively:

Doing innovation coaching remote
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How to keep your Virtual (Zoom) Meetings safe
Secure your virtual sessions, meetings and workshops from zoombombing, hackers and uninvited guests.
How to Work From Home: Tips I’ve Learned Over 20 Years | Matthew Fenton | Chicago Brand Strategy
I’ve worked from home for 20 years, and I’ve gotten things both right & wrong. Here are 7 tips I recommend to help you work from home successfully.

It's difficult to imagine better time to improve your own remote work practices – especially when it takes so little to get dramatically better!


Bruno Pešec

I help business leaders innovate profitably at scale.


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