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Better basics, better innovation

Maintain the foundation.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
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Better basics, better innovation

Want to get better at corporate innovation?

Then focus on developing your general business and industry acumen.

Questions of navigating the organisation, cultural issues, securing budget and executive support, creating strategic alignment, and finding the right talent have been answered many times before.

Surely some of that knowledge can be reused, even in the corporate innovation arena?

As I was reading the Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2023 research report, I couldn't help but notice that seven out of eleven challenges with corporate innovation are of rather generic nature:

Challenge 2023
Politics / turf wars / no alignment 35.80%
Cultural issues 32.90%
Inability to act on signals or developments critical to the future of the business 32.90%
Lack of budget 32.40%
Lack of strategy, vision 25.40%
Lack of executive support 24.30%
Not adopting emerging technologies 21.40%
Recruiting / not enough of high-demand skillsets 19.10%
Other 17.30%
Inability to pick up on signals or developments critical to the future of the business 12.70%
Lack of CEO support 4.00%

Data source: Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2023, InnoLead

And I've experienced similar questions when working with my clients. Hence I keep advocating for the basics, since they create a sound foundation.

What good is innovation if the business itself is just a house of cards that will blow over at the slightest sign of trouble?


Bruno Pešec

I help business leaders innovate profitably at scale.


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