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Are you happy with your innovation results?

Four weeks in 2023 left to make a difference!

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
1 min read
Are you happy with your innovation results?

How was your innovation performance this year?

Did you exceed your targets?

Have you reflected on any outliers?

What about upcoming year?

Have you defined how will your innovation efforts contribute to your business?

Do you know what will you do—not should, but will!—next year?

If you answered no to any of the above, then I urge you to schedule half-day in December to answer them. Succeeding with innovation is about work, not luck.

In case you are stressed for time, don't have established review protocols and reflection practices, or desire a critical third party to help you achieve bigger goals, I'm happy to offer a hyper-focused innovation review session.

In this 2 hour session we will:

  • Review your 2023 results and how they compare to your expectations.
  • Translate your long term innovation ambitions into tangible goals for 2024.
  • Create (and stress test!) an action plan so you hit the ground running in January!

You will have to invest 30 minutes of preparation time to answer few questions. This will ensure we get the most out of our session.

I will be your critical partner with a singular mission to help you think bigger whilst simultaneously defining very tangible and actionable next steps.

Write to me if you are interested.

Limited slots available.


Bruno Pešec

I turn corporate innovation into a viable investment.


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