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Advice to young entrepreneurs and innovators

On curiosity, being yourself, and entrepreneurship.

Bruno Pešec
Bruno Pešec
1 min read
Advice to young entrepreneurs and innovators

Now for something a little bit different. I've spoken with Benjamin Wong of the YoungTrep podcast, a teenager whose audience are other teenagers and kids interested in bettering themselves, doing business, and having fun.

Some of the topics we've covered were:

  • Why and how is curiosity important, even when it gets you into trouble.
  • How to ask for advice, and how to take it.
  • How to develop critical thinking skills on the cheap and easy.
  • How to develop your idea, be it a school project or side-gig.
  • How to overcome fears of getting feedback on your idea.
  • How to start right now: six steps in 30 seconds.

I believe education is a great equaliser; a viable venue for those with less privileged backgrounds; and an important success factor for our race. Please share this episode with young entrepreneurs and innovators in your network.

You can listen to the episode here, or by using the player below:


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