My name is Bruno Pešec and I turn corporate innovation into a viable investment.

I work with business leaders on dramatically increasing their returns on investment in innovation.

I do so by helping them take new ideas to market rapidly and efficiently while instituting effective systems for governing and measuring innovation.

Let's ensure you get the most out of your investment in corporate innovation.

You can reach me on or +47 451 31 225.

Bruno Pešec

How can organisations innovate profitably?

For a long time innovation has been considered a matter of luck, something that magically happens when the right creative minds meet.

I do not share that belief.

What is innovation, anyway?

Most pragmatic definition of innovations is something new creating value.

Newness without value is invention.

Value* without newness is improvement.

Newness and value together are innovation.

*Value creation must be two fold: (1) external, helping customer do something better, and (2) internal, making a positive contribution to the bottom line.

Elements of Profitable Innovation™

Now that we have the same understanding of innovation we can discuss how organisations can innovate profitably.

I argue that the answer lies at the intersection of following three elements:

  • doing innovation efficiently,
  • governing innovation effectively, and
  • changing organisation appropriately.

Doing innovation is much more than brainstorming ideas and capturing them on colourful post it notes. That’s the easiest and most trivial part! Executing them is the real challenge.

Discerning thoughts from ideas, uncovering assumptions, continuously learning about them and systematically reducing risk, iteratively transforming idea into a product, service, or business, taking it to market and scaling it...

How you do all of the above has direct implication on how efficient your innovation processes are.

Governing innovation is about creating clear directions and making investment decisions. It is also about having appropriate meeting places, decision arenas, measurements and control mechanisms.

Coherent innovation strategy and portfolio approach are paramount to reduce the risk of investing poorly. Funding and measuring innovative initiatives require a different set of metrics – for example amount of validated learning and reusable knowledge created to date.

Effective governance should result in the best possible investments with whatever resources and knowledge you had at the time of making an investment decision.

If you solely focus on doing and managing innovation you are running a high risk of creating an impressive amount of waste.

How so?

If the organisation itself is not adapting appropriately then the initiatives that are becoming ready for scaling might be organically rejected.

Although it might seem counter intuitive, improving a little across multiple fronts is more sustainable than improving a lot on a single front.

In martial arts there is a concept called striking-three-points-at-once. When going in for a throw three points need to be forced out of balance at the same time. If you apply excessive or inadequate force to any of these three points, then the throw will either fail or won’t be as strong as it can be.

The same concept can be applied here – if organisation wants to improve the profitability of its innovation efforts then they must orchestrate and improve across all three dimensions at once, one step at a time.

If you'd like to improve any of these three elements you can reach me on or +47 451 31 225.

Bruno Pešec

Who is Bruno Pešec?

Key values that strongly resonate with me, and are reflected in my work:

  • Driven. My prime goal is making the client dramatically better.
  • Genuine. I say it like it is. Respectfully and honestly.
  • Intense. It's in your best interest that change for the better is done rapidly.
  • Knowledgeable. Being intrinsically curious helps me learn. Fast.
  • Pragmatic. Each organisation is different. I use whatever works best.

With ten years of experience in different industries – including defence, manufacturing, education, and financial services – I've delivered projects that had positive impact on GDP of several countries; succeeded and failed inventing and innovating; lead entrepreneurial communities numbering in thousands; and encountered a number of challenges that seemed hopeless.

In addition to hands on experience, I hold master's degree in industrial engineering and management from UNIZG, specialisation in production and quality engineering from NTNU, advanced management diploma from Ashridge, and have been trained by Toyota in corporate value creation and innovation.

Besides thoroughly enjoying the work I do, and reading too much, I've been a passionate practitioner of martial arts since 1997. After training karate, wrestling, and muay thai I have joined Genbukan in 2008. It is a traditional martial arts federation focused on training self-defence techniques for body, mind, and spirit.

I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge far and wide. That's why I try to make as much of my work publicly available as possible – all on this website.

You can reach me on or +47 451 31 225.