Everybody is talking about innovation, throwing buzzwords left and right like there is an award for most confusing term.

The word has been stretched so thin that it is almost meaningless.

Corporate innovation shouldn't be random guess-work, sessions overloaded with sticky notes, or theatrical PR-stunts draining the budget.

On the contrary, organisations' innovation efforts should directly contribute to both business and corporate objectives.

Including financial performance.

Each organisation has its unique set of challenges and opportunities.

That's why corporate innovation must be approached as a system-wide challenge, taking into account all aspects of the organisation.

Doing so is not easy, but is possible with the right methods, tools, and people.

My name is Bruno Pešec, and I transform organisations to innovate efficiently and profitably.

You can reach me on bruno@pesec.no  or +47 451 31 225.

Let's ensure you get the most out of your investment in corporate innovation.